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The Advantage of the led tube light compare with the traditional fluorescent lamps

The Advantage of the led tube light compare with the traditional fluorescent lamps:
1.      Energy saving,long lifetime:
The llife of LED tube light was designed to 50,000 Hours,according to the use of 12 hours each day,can use 10 years average.
2.      Pro-environmental:
a.      Aluminum base,PC clear and Pro-environmental cover and Aluminum board inside makes it recycled;
b.      No ultraviolet radiation;
c.      Lighting soft,spectroscopically pure,flicker free,no noise;
d.      No Lead,Mercury and such kind of heavy metall;
e.      Low in voltage and constant current needed,make it safer
f.      The adoption of Aluminum base and high strength PC material makes it far wary from the danger of explore.
3.      Good in heat output and low in lumin drops:
a.      Adopting Aluminum material,there is heat conducting silicon between the Aluminum base and Aluminum     board,which makes it good in heat output,low in lumin drops and long in life.
b.      The SMD LEDs makes the heat output better
4.      Its outer casing is made of high strength aluminum alloy,and treated by a special process,will not be out of shape and be safer.
a.      Adopting the Aluminum alloy as the framework,it will be out of shape.
 The Aluminum base using,will not become old easy to fragile like the plastic,the usage of high strengh clear PC cover,it is light and independent from the Aluminum base.This kind of struction will prevent the PC cover from falling off when burning test