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90W/ 120W Modular Design LED Street Light

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90W/ 120W Modular Design LED Street Light

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  • Lamp Body: High Purity Aluminum..6063 High Quality Aviation Aluminum Alloy and Stainless Steel Retainer Screw, 
    the thermal conductivity is 201, has excellent heat dissipation and anti corrosion.
    The Radiation integration of the radiator perfect air-flow design. Using Oxidation Treatment Spray Paint.
    Modular Street light Luminous efficacy  120-160lm/W, super heat dissipation performance; Adopt high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy  and meet the fluid mechanics of cooling technology, reducing temperature rise.
    Plug able modular design, easy maintenance, convenient assembly and disassembly, only need fixed the module on the lamp body with the screw ;When Maintenance only need loosen the screws can remove the module; 
    Between the module and module has ventilation holes, is conducive to air convection and heat dissipation, and the lamp automatic cleaning.
    High Security: Module’s external Voltage is  safe and low voltage, effectively prevent electric shock, leakage Risk.

    Lamp Rated luminous efficiency  108.24 lm/W  Output Voltage  36V
     LED luminous efficiency  >130~160 lm/W  Output Current  2400mA
     Lamp Total Flux(Tj=60℃,Ta=25℃)  9807 lm  Lamp Power  90.6W
     Lamp‘s Efficiency  >90%  LED Power  86.6W
     Power Factor  >0.96  THD  <15%
     Input Voltage  AC85-265V  Warranty  3 Years
     Beam Lighting Angle   141°X84°  Guard Level  IP65
     Light Distribution Curve  Bat Wing/Rectangular Beam  Lifespan  >50,000hrs
     Working Temperature  -30℃ ~ +50℃  CRI  >75